Social Media Content Creation

Rural “on-the-farm” businesses

This category requires refinement to meet the precise needs of the business.

In some cases, rural businesses need help to encourage online shoppers, or drop-in visits (pre-COVID), tours, or event promotions.

These posts have to be an appealing representation of products and the business owners and their core beliefs. The consumer who feels he or she has something in common with the business owner is more likely to shop at that business.

The fun part of these businesses is the enthusiasm and knowledge of the owners and all that they have going on: new products, challenges they face and hurdles they have overcome.

There is no end to the stories to be told about these businesses. The abiding gift that comes out of our monthly meetings is often the rekindling of a business owner’s passion.

It’s hard to be the “do-it-all” business owner, sometimes while maintaining enthusiasm on social media at the expense of other work that needs to get done.

A three-month respite and injection of energy into your social media presence can be a lifesaver!